One company one team!

Mülheim Pipe Coating GmbH (MPC) is a 100% subsidiary of EUROPIPE GmbH in Germany and is a steel pipe coater. Since many years MPC is our regular Customer while coating different gas and oil pipeline projects. In particular we have been an important supplier for NORD STREAM I & II gas pipeline projects. For this opportunity, we have supplied all our thermoplastic PE coating materials: PE adhesive "Coesive® L8.92.8 (u)", HDPE top coat "Luxene® HDPE 2050" and PE rough-coat "Luxene® HDPE 2050 (e) P". During the first quarter of 2014, MPC was qualifying materials for a 3LPP (Three Layers Polypropylene) application for the gas offshore project called "SOUTH STREAM". Pipes had to be exposed to a higher temperature during coating application than usual, and due to the required temperature, MPC was facing some irregularities visible on the adhesive layer. Even though all lab tests results were within the requirements of the specification, these irregularities were not accepted by MPC, and then by SOUTH STREAM representatives and inspectors. MPC challenged Industrie Polieco MPB (MPB) to take part to the project by adjusting MPB standard "Proesive® R.3.HT" (PP adhesive material) to the specific application requirements. Timing was clearly an issue as there was indeed urgency for a technical solution. MPC and MPB went through the evaluation of three samples: a standard grade "Proesive® R.3.HT" and two modified versions. We organized an overnight delivery of the standard adhesive material. This was the first shipment, among others, that took place within a short period of time. As soon as the material arrived, MPC applied it and reported to us the material performances and the observed improvements. Information was necessary to enable our team to focus the research in the right direction. A second overnight delivery was organized, followed by a third one which was going to be the final adjusted revision of "Proesive® R.3.HT". Based on our internal trial at our pilot coating line, we knew that the 3rd version of "Proesive® R.3.HT" should have fully responded to the new requirements, thus we wanted to be present at MPC plant during the application. Franco Vaccaro (Technical Manager) and Loredana Pernici (Commercial & Marketing Director) witnessed what was supposed to be the last application trial in Mülheim. The test run successfully as expected. We remarked the satisfaction of both MPC and SOUTH STREAM representatives. Within 2 weeks we could adjust the formulation of the "Proesive® R.3.HT" to MPC's requirement. At this time, our adhesive line was producing material for other Customers, but we have chosen to give priority to the new-coming challenge from MPC, and to manage internally the ongoing deliveries. Today MPC order for SOUTH STREAM project is our most valuable reward in particular to our President, Mr. Tonelli, who approved to stop some of our facilities addressing all our efforts to solve MPCs situation.