Applications & Products

A glance to what we produce shows that we are one of the largest European producer of polyethylene and polypropylene ready made coloured compounds, for various applications such as: geo-synthetics, multi-layers barrier films, multi-layers pipes, steel pipe coating, wire & cables.

LUXENE ®  : PE compounds
PROCOAT ®  : PP compounds
COESIVE ®  : PE, EVA modified grafted adhesives adhesives
PROESIVE ®  : PP modified grafted adhesives

Pipes & Multilayers Pipes
Pipes & Multilayers Pipes
Wire & Cable coupling agents
Wire & Cable - Compatibilizer
List of Products
List of Products
Plastic Fuel Tanks
AUTOMOTIVE - PFT (Plastic Fuel Tanks)
Grf pa-pp compounds - wpc
WPC Wood Plastic Composite
WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)

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